#30 Weirdness is art – rVc

#29 Poverty creation is the rich people’s best industry. – rVc

#28 We learn most when we travel alone….rVc

#27 Don’t read. Observe! – rVc

#26 Be a thief. Learn to steal knowledge and values not valuables.

– rVc

#25 In silence lies wisdom – rVc

– rVc

#  23 Has any medical doctor ever advised you the vitality of a mental & physical
– rVc


# 21 MAKE LOVE MORE, FOR REAL OR IN DREAMS; Its anti-canceroUs!
– rVc

#  20 When you’re apparently down and out, there’s ONLY one way – bounce back with irreversible gusto!”
– rVc

#19) Cooking is all about timing. Its like martial arts.

#18) Some treats are visual, others sensual.

#17) Nobody has enough power to lie to themselves.

#16) Those who say they don’t lie are liars.

#15) No one can fool anyone unless the one being fooled is able enough to be fooled.

#14) The best way to learn law is to break it.

#13) The Harder You Grow, The Softer You Fall.

#12) Friendship is like the bamboo, the older it becomes, the stabler it stands!

#11) We all find our faces the best and that’s still far better than feeling that our brains are superior to others.

#10) I like it jarring. If it doesn’t hit your soul, it ain’t love!

#9) Cars are like whores, anybody can drive them; motorcycles are like girlfriends – personal and fun.

#8) Journalism is hardly a profession. It is a religion.

#7) It’s not a sin to make wrong friends. But, learn to choose them at the right time!

#6) Because BLOOD & MUSIC hate ‘RELIGIONS’.

#5) There’s many a flip between the lip and the hip.

#4) To rebel without a cause is also a clause!

#3) Barking dogs seldom hide!

#2) Music is the mother of all religions; let’s now invent the father.

#1) The commonality between the Pen and the Pen # is: Both if positioned correctly, can screw effectively. THE IMPERMANENCE OF FAME & POWER AND THE IMMORTALITY OF THE SOUL ARE 2 REALITIES OF MODERN, MATERIALISTIC WORLD. # Art is where your mind takes you!
– rVc

#0.1) Ask yourselves (ladies included) each day after the prayer: Am I a bastard?

#0.2) Gastronomy Precedes Astronomy. Always!

#0.3) The brain ‘defuncts’ without a ‘morseled’ stomach.

#0.4)  Some friendships come with a shelf-life. After that, they must be preserved in cold storage.

#0.5) The meek shall inherit a murky planet.

#0.6) Her thoughts are livid. Mine are vivid.

#0.7) I am a Nawab. For friends always; for foes usually!

#0.8) Some cars are so gross. Mercedez is one of those.

#0.9) Main Ek jeans-dhari Hindustani hoon. Bhaashaon Main Nahi Ulajhna Chahta…

#1.0) Meri maatra-bhasha/mother tongue sirf JOURNALISM hai.

#1.1) Opposites distract.

#1.2) A worm opens a warm can of worms.

#1.3) Humble people can NOT be licked. They are stronger than the filthy rich in every way. When they hit…their strike will leave a terrible impact.

#1.4) There is no need to pray if you can be absolutely silent within your perfect soul. Praying, thus, becomes a wild distraction.

#1.5) There is an industry in social media that can get you many ‘likes’. But you must know ’emotions’ can’t be manufactured.

#1.6) Love must end with immense, unbearable pain.

#1.7) Nothing can be fully said.

#1.8) There is no need to pray if you can be absolutely silent within your perfect soul. Praying, thus, becomes a wild distraction.

#1.9) Imbalancing needs more perfection.

#2.0) TV is no more the Idiot Box. It’s the Bastard Son!

#2.1) I am bilingual but multi-hearted!

#2.2) Forget you may, forgive you mustn’t!

#2.3) God helps those who let God help them!

#2.4) If you can cry with your thoughts when you are alone, you’re a rich person.

# 2.5) The day you start understanding your dog’s language and gestures, you become a better human. Art is where your mind takes you. – rVc