Briefly: Quad Summit: Biden Heads To South Korea, Japan For Bilateral Meets, || Apple Arrests Card Payments in INDIA || Zelenskyy Opens Cannes Film Festival || India-Nepal Ties Sturdy, Says PM Modi || Cryptos Bleed: Bitcoin plummets by 50% || Elon Musk: Twitter deal temporarily on hold || Uber set to recruit over 400 techies for pan India operations || Germany gears up for pro-Russian Victory Day rallies || Japan to allow tourist groups by this month || The fighting between the Russian and Ukrainian forces has entered the 3rd month. Around 200 civilians have been evacuated from a besieged steel plant in Mariupol. || Senegal, South Africa, India and Indonesia will be invited as guest countries to attend the G7 summit hosted by Germany in June , a German government spokesperson said on Monday, reported Reuters. || Supreme Court of India: None can be forced to get Covid-19 vaccination.

Ravi V. Chhabra

Ravi in NYC

#30 Weirdness is art - rVc
#29 Poverty creation is the rich people's best industry. - rVc
#28 We learn most when we travel alone....rVc
#27 Don't read. Observe! - rVc
#26 Be a thief. Learn to steal knowledge and values not valuables.- rVc
#25 In silence lies wisdom - rVc
#23 Has any medical doctor ever advised you the vitality of a mental & physical ORGASM? -rVc
#22 INTOXICATION IS A STATE OF MIND! Stay Obsessed... -rVc
#21 MAKE LOVE MORE, FOR REAL OR IN DREAMS; Its anti-cancerous! -rVc
#20 When you're apparently down and out, there's ONLY one way - bounce back with irreversible gusto!" -rVc
#19 Cooking is all about timing. Its like martial arts. -rVc
#18 Some treats are visual, others sensual -rVc
#17 Nobody has enough power to lie to themselves. -rVc
#16 Those who say they don't lie are liars. -rVc
#15 No one can fool anyone unless the one being fooled is able enough to be fooled. -rVc
#14 The best way to learn law is to break it -rVc
#13 The Harder You Grow, The Softer You Fall. -rVc
#12 Friendship is like the bamboo, the older it becomes, the stabler it stands! -rVc
#11 We all find our faces the best and that's still far better than feeling that our brains are superior to others. -rVc
#10 I like it jarring. If it doesn't hit your soul, it ain't love! -rVc
#9 Cars are like whores, anybody can drive them; motorcycles are like girlfriends - personal and fun. -rVc
#8 Journalism is hardly a profession. It is a religion. -rVc
#7 It's not a sin to make wrong friends. But, learn to choose them at the right time! -rVc
#6 Because BLOOD & MUSIC hate 'RELIGIONS' -rVc
#5 There's many a flip between the lip and the hip. -rVc
#4 To rebel without a cause is also a clause! -rVc
#3 Barking dogs seldom hide! -rVc
#2 Music is the mother of all religions; let's now invent the father. -rVc
#1 The commonality between the Pen and the Pen # is: Both if positioned correctly, can screw effectively.THE IMPERMANENCE OF FAME & POWER AND THE IMMORTALITY OF THE SOUL ARE 2 REALITIES OF MODERN, MATERIALISTIC WORLD.
#0 Art is where your mind takes you!