Briefly: Quad Summit: Biden Heads To South Korea, Japan For Bilateral Meets, || Apple Arrests Card Payments in INDIA || Zelenskyy Opens Cannes Film Festival || India-Nepal Ties Sturdy, Says PM Modi || Cryptos Bleed: Bitcoin plummets by 50% || Elon Musk: Twitter deal temporarily on hold || Uber set to recruit over 400 techies for pan India operations || Germany gears up for pro-Russian Victory Day rallies || Japan to allow tourist groups by this month || The fighting between the Russian and Ukrainian forces has entered the 3rd month. Around 200 civilians have been evacuated from a besieged steel plant in Mariupol. || Senegal, South Africa, India and Indonesia will be invited as guest countries to attend the G7 summit hosted by Germany in June , a German government spokesperson said on Monday, reported Reuters. || Supreme Court of India: None can be forced to get Covid-19 vaccination.

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He was born on June 6, 1920 in Sialkot, in erstwhile unpartitioned India. The city is now in Pakistan and is famous for sports products manufacturing and exports. My dad's family business was sports goods supplies and running fuel (kerosene oil & petrol) depots. He wanted to become a medical doctor but due to pressure from his stubborn father to join the family business, he left further studies midway after completing Bachelors in Science (B.Sc) from the prestigious DAV College in Lahore with distinction. He witnessed the rioting Sialkot city during India's partition that he fled and came with his young wife and a baby daughter in cradle to settle in New Delhi, India.
Ramesh C. Chhabra
  1. It is a tale of human struggle and God-made tragedy but I guess that's not so important as of now. He worked hard - went to work on a bicycle for many years to bring up 4-daughters and a son. His first job after landing in post-partitioned India was with the Indian Government as an assessment officer and in a few years, he joined the United States Information Service (USIS) at the American Embassy in New Delhi. He worked in the Press Department at the USIS as a journalist for almost 25-years and retired on medical grounds. He bought his first car in the mid-1960s - an Austin of England hatchback. My mother narrates that he used to play the violin with verve.
Papa USIS certificate of  merit

He was honoured with the Golden Eagle medallion by the then US President Richard Nixon in person in 1969 for meritorious service. My father was a contemporary of senior journalist and former Indian High Commissioner tothe United Kingdom Kuldip Nayar (, with whom he shared a great rapport and with him, he also worked alongside at the USIS.My father retired on medical grounds and became an American Government annuitant. He died after a prolonged illness in the year 2000. Some of his friends remember him for his writing prowess in English, Hindi and Urdu. I maintain a few jottings by him, an American editing style-sheet, an 'Author' pipe and an old Agfa Gevaert camera that I cherish as his relics.