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Ravi V. Chhabra
A-28, Nizamuddin East (Ground Floor),
New Delhi, 110013, India
Phone: 9999492823
January 21, 2021
US President Joe Biden
The White House
1600 Pennsylvania Avenue
NW Washington, DC 20500

Dear President Biden,
On behalf of Indians and fraternity of Journalists, I heartily congratulate you for your new role, privilege and wide responsibilities as the Head of a wonderful country, the torch-bearer of fundamentals of democracy.
I do not claim much knowledge about America, though I have visited it twice and had a working stint in New York as a journalist with the Asian diaspora's leading newspaper. Furthermore, my father had worked with the USIS (American Embassy) for 25 years and won the award from President Nixon, on meritorious services of 25 years. He retired on medical grounds (annuitant). Thus, I have had an insight and interest into US Affairs.
The ancient Indian wisdom, I am sure will always guide you with such fine hand-picked team.
Indians and perhaps most nations that cherish values of brotherhood peace, spirituality and freedom shall watch you closely for some pressing steps.

Do not wage war and sought out disputes amicably. To punish the guilty with a mighty fist at your command. America cannot afford to procrastinate nor give any more allowances to guilty countries that have become a threat for humanity.
The world and India look up to your guidance and cooperation in many spheres. Last of all, we strive to see an America that cares as mentioned in your soulful oath-taking speech. America that cares and not overlook the weak! For the meek shall inherit the planet.
Ravi V. Chhabra
Journalist, New Delhi/India