Right Impact PR (media advisory) profile


Right Impact PR  is an independent media advisory firm set up to assist in image enhancement of corporations. It provides clients with a wide range of services for the expanding Indian market including public relations, crisis management, marketing communications, special events planning and assistance.

Promoted by communication specialists, Right ImpactPR is headquartered in Delhi, India’s capital. Through its network of representatives and associate arrangements, Right ImpactPRprovides communication services to clients all over the country.

Its staff bring a wealth of experience from the corporate and communications sectors. Key personnel have worked with some of India’s leading corporations as well the news media.


Despite being a single geopolitical and economic entity, India is, in effect, several markets, divided by cultural, linguistic and socio-economic diversities. Our unique understanding of the working of the communication process in India gives our clients’ communication a strategic edge in penetrating these markets effectively.

It acts as a counselor to large and small companies on strategic communication and image management in all forms. We are committed to make the most of opportunities in the Indian marketplace by providing distinctive approaches to communications challenges.

We act as virtually the in-house department for companies which do not want to invest in a fully-staffed corporate communications department. Where clients already have a communications cell, Right Impact PR brings in additional expertise to achieve more cost-effective results. Even while providing nationwide reach, we are committed to maintaining the characterstics of a small firm, providing personal involvement and commitment to working directly with our clients— to provide customized solutions to their communication problems.



Strategic communications is the process of using communication to shape perceptions and the way different groups of people think and feel about a specific product, company or issue. This does not mean influencing all people the same way, but tailoring messages and their communication channels to meet the needs and priorities of specific groups or individual to bring about change more effectively.

 In dealing with public opinion we set for ourselves three objectives:

  Reinforcing positive opinion

 Neutralize negative opinion

 Crystallize latent or uninformed opinion

 Coverage in the media isn’t the objective; educating, influencing and building a relationship is.

Within these parameters, Right ImpactPR offers the following services:

 Scanning of external environment for opportunities and threats and the internal environment for strengths and weaknesses

  Evaluation for strategic factors

  Formulation of communications strategy statement

 Formulation of a Strategic Operating Plan identifying audiences, themes and messages, delivery systems, time tables and potential crisis.


 Under the broad ambit of the Strategic Operating Plan,

Right ImpactPR offers the following specific communication services:

 Brand Related Communication

Whether used separately or to support advertising and promotional activities, our public relations campaigns:

 *     Create and Maintain awareness

 *     Project and protect brand image

Business-to-Business Communication

 To gain a competitive advantage in the marketplace it is not enough to offer a superior business product or service. Effective communication is essential to capturing mind share and market share.

 Good business communication is about developing and maintaining the right reputation for a company. To do so, it may be necessary to address many audiences – yet speak at all times with a single voice, clearly and consistently. Helping clients do this is Right Impact PR’srole.

 With the help of regular communications audits, Right Impact PRcan establish how the clients perceive themselves, how they are seen by different target audiences and the media and communication tools required to bridge the perception gap.

Corporate Communication

Corporate reputation is based not just on performance but how the story of that performance is told. In a cynical media environment, it is likely that faults will be amplified and successes minimized. A skewed perception will then gain an unfair advantage over reality.

 Right ImpactPRspecializes in enhancing corporate reputation in the eyes of key internal and external audiences like shareholders, clients, prospects, analysts, employees and the media.

 Final Communication

 Good corporate performance is no guarantee for shareholder value to increase. Market efficiency is only to the extent that it has full and timely information. Our operating principle is that fundamental corporate attributes and strengths must be conveyed effectively and persuasively. Companies need to also have an active, targetted investor communications programme. Our financial communication philosophy can be summarized as:

 Performance + perception = value

 Right Impact PR helps clients define strategies, shape messages, plan effective investor relations programme and cost-effective implementation.

 Crisis management

 A major crisis can threaten a company’s future. It represents significant risk for the company’s image, its ability to continue ordinary operations, its customer base, standing in financial markets & short and long-term performance.

 Right ImpactPRprovides the following services:

  Helping a client assess potential risks;

  Assisting in developing of a corporate crisis communication system;

  Planning and implementing crisis oriented communication for a wide variety of audiences;

  Monitoring short and long-term coverage of a company’s crisis communication;

  Helping the client identify, prepare for and protect against potential threats.

 Media relations

 Dramatic changes within the media have a profound impact on the public relations industry. With instantaneous global communications and the proliferation of broadcast and print media, media appetites have increased. At the same time, journalists have become very discerning, demanding quality, not quantity; news value, not commercial value. The effectiveness of public relations should be measured not by the frequency of media exposure but by measuring attitude change among specific target groups.

  With its wide network of contacts in print and electronic media and sound news judgement

Right Impact PR can:

 *      Initiate and implement a well-orchestrated media relations programme which would provide credible perspectives on corporate issues and lead to enhanced image

 *      Field enquiries on clients’ behalf on a day-to-day basis from the media and other relevant groups

*     Advise clients on the requirements and interests of journalists and what makes news to them

*      Write and circulate Press Releases

*      Organize Press/Financial Analysts’ Conference

*     Arrange interviews of key executives with journalists