10-April-2023 11:43:33

SPOT NEWS: #Hong Kong to drop COVID mask mandate from March this year #Serbia and Kosovo accept EU #US asks Mexico to extradite son of 'El Chapo #Lionel Messi named FIFA men's player of the year #Zelensky calls for special tribunal at the Hague #The US Food and Drug Administration has approved a vaccine against respiratory syncytial virus (RSV)



1. My classic

  • vintage motorcycle
  • power-horse 1970 model JAWA 2-stroke
  • 250cc
  • kickstart-double silencer

2. Poland Mobike Design

My mini-Rajdoot Bobby-175cc-2-stroke motorbike, 1981 model-aircooled.

max speed 110km/hr FIRST FEATURES/LAUNCHED in
Raj Kapoor's Hindi Film: BOBBY!

NOTEWORTHY: I WENT TO JAIPUR ON IT in 1986 during my post-grad course in journalism.....

man in pic: My son.Certainly, he is not a 2-wheeler person but knows riding it superbly.

  • Music is my present wife & she's bisexual!
  • Art is where your mind takes you!
  • The impermanence of fame & power and the immortality of the soul are 2 realities of modern, materialistic world.
  • The commonality between the Pen and the Pen # is: Both if positioned correctly, can screw effectively.
  • Music is the mother of all religions; let's now invent the father. -rVc
  • Barking dogs seldom hide! -rVc
  • To rebel without a cause is also a clause! -rVc
  • There's many a flip between the lip and the hip. -rVc
  • Because BLOOD & MUSIC hate 'RELIGIONS' -rVc
  • It's not a sin to make wrong friends. But, learn to choose them at the right time! -rVc
  • Journalism is hardly a profession. It is a religion. -rVc
  • Cars are like whores, anybody can drive them; motorcycles are like girlfriends - personal and fun. -rVc
  • I like it jarring. If it doesn't hit your soul, it ain't love! -rVc
  • We all find our faces the best and that's still far better than feeling that our brains are superior to others. -rVc
  • Friendship is like the bamboo, the older it becomes, the stabler it stands! -rVc
  • The Harder You Grow, The Softer You Fall. -rVc
  • No one can fool anyone unless the one being fooled is able enough to be fooled. -rVc
  • Those who say they don't lie are liars. -rVc
  • Nobody has enough power to lie to themselves. -rVc
  • Some treats are visual, others sensual -rVc
  • Cooking is all about timing. Its like martial arts. -rVc
  • When you're apparently down and out, there's ONLY one way - bounce back with irreversible gusto!" -rVc
  • Make love more, for real or in dreams; Its anti-cancerous! -rVc
  • Intoxication is a state of mind! Stay Obsessed... -rVc
  • Has any medical doctor ever advised you the vitality of a mental & physical ORGASM? -rVc
  • When you feel helpless, just go out and help someone. see its magic!- rVc
  • In silence lies wisdom - rVc
  • Be a thief. Learn to steal knowledge and values not valuables.- rVc
  • Don't read. Observe! - rVc
  • We learn most when we travel alone....rVc
  • Poverty creation is the rich people's best industry. - rVc
  • Love must hit you suddenly and it's jarring. - rVc
  • Weirdness is art - rVc
  • Music is the best tonic & builder too.- rVc