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SPOT NEWS: #Hong Kong to drop COVID mask mandate from March this year #Serbia and Kosovo accept EU #US asks Mexico to extradite son of 'El Chapo #Lionel Messi named FIFA men's player of the year #Zelensky calls for special tribunal at the Hague #The US Food and Drug Administration has approved a vaccine against respiratory syncytial virus (RSV)

Ravi V. Chhabra

Top journalist, music writer-ranger, autodidact, avant-garde composer, visualizer, abstractionist, content provider based in New Delhi, India. A Frank Zappa diehard, online English speaking, writing styles & soft skills teacher: photo-journalism, veteran interviewer, public relations strategist, copywriter for advertising agencies and corporate film-maker. By the way, I wear many hats!

My family is now 3rd generation steeped in hardcore media stuff. rightimpactmedia.com I am a second-generation journalist who conceptualizes, ideates, creates content, edits and writes for print, online and new media on a wide range of subjects.

I have been a full time journalist with leading Indian dailies (New Delhi) and foreign publications (NYC) and Toronto. Besides, a columnist, I have mentored niche magazines and produced many B2B/trade publications and 'show dailies' ranging from cold chain industry- ICE (GCCA of USA) India Chapter https://www.gcca.org/, alcobev, defense and textiles. My media outfit also indulges in ghost writing with written agreements to maintain secrecy as per clients' needs. My professional web magazine, FIRST in INDIA. Est. & online since 2003. https://fnbworld.com/ I am an autodidact freestyle/avant-garde music composer, my jazz band: FjQ = Freestyle jAzZ Quartet, bard, interior decorator, KanokaScat inventor (experimental music), numerologist, judoka, karateka, JKD practitioner (double nunchaku). As a vintage motorcycle lover & collector, I own a few motorcylces reserved for rallies. Lensman, curator at large. By the way, I wear many hats! My details as a journalist are here: https://ravivchhabra.com/journalist.phpSome of my random quotes:https://ravivchhabra.com/my-quotes.php Superhost at Airbnb; Paradiso Nizamuddin East, New Delhi

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Paradiso(listing 1)FREEDOM (listing 2)

Interviews And Music

I Met HH Dalai Lama At His 'Shastipurthi '- The High Security Event As Special Invitee & Covered It For Hindustan Times, New Delhi, INDIA

My Interviews And My Music Videos

My Strengths


I'm passionate about what I do and never do things halfhearted. My professional credo is perfection! Money doesn't drive me...


I believe it's futile to do something if you're not going to do it well. I expect the same of those I deal with.


I'm fearless in asking the difficult questions. My black humour works!

Covered the Deep Purple concert & interviewed

the masters (Hindustan Times, Print multi-editions/page-1 anchor)

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INTERVIEWED Tabla Maestro Zakir Hussain

Zakir Hussain in person for Hindustan Times and many other gurus. Dear Ravi, Thank you for reading my book, Freak Out! My Life with Frank Zappa. It is always good to meet new Zappa fans, especially one even more ardent than I am!

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Pauline Butcher

(Subsequently, INTERVIEWED for fnbworld.com)

Pauline Butcher Bird

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INTERVIEWED French violinist Didier Lockwood

for Hindustan Times/print edition: Mid-90s.


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college memories

Frank Zappa

frontman Robert Martin (Bobby)

Multi-musician-vocalist Robert Martin's Autographed photo received via postal mail.

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him at: fnbworld in 2021


John French Drumbo at fnbworld.com

My Music Quartet

Jan 2003-2007 - Freelanced: North-East SUN, City Observor, American Express in-house magazine,Today's Traveller, City Scan (tabloid), Bureaux Chief, New Delhi for South Asia Times (southasiatimes.com.au), past author at https://completewellbeing.com/, food critic/columnist FLAVOURSOME for Car N Style magazine supplement with Motown India- leading automobile magazine with dedicated youtube channel, edited daily news briefs for American diplomats at CNA (Central News Agency), Connaught Place, New Delhi. Special Correspondent with AMBROSIA,, the only Alcobev industry magazine in India, published from Mumbai.

Freelancer: I wrote political opinion pieces and reports on most recent political events. My goal was and is to bring articles and news without partisan bias while offering insight and analysis. Interviewed the maestros and achievers in their fields.

On-Site Journalist

Jan 2018 - 2022

I have mentored many news online portals such as news24online.com, indiabiznews.com (defunct), efytimes.comfnbworld.com

Columnist/Contributor at


Journalistic Excellence

Edited fiction novels

Creative inputs: First encylopedia of Islam

Participated in first panel discussion in Delhi Literature Festival on digital media future - 2014

Visiting faculty in leading Mass Communication institutes in Delhi & NCR

TV Panel Debates

News7 and other TV channels

University of Delhi

BA in English Literature - 1982-1985

(Hans Raj College magna cum laude)

Diploma in Public Relations - 1986

Diploma in Journalism-1987

Diploma in Travel & Tourism (1988)

(All recognized by Government of India)

Masters in mass communication 1995-1997

What People Are Saying

Alumni - Berklee College of Music

Ravi's wide knowledge of music is impressive. Many times he has enlightened me to music that I was unaware of.

I appreciate his keen sense of curiosity. A kindred spirit in wanting to know more.

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Dave Latchaw

Pianist-Music Teacher

Award Winner, Actor-Director, Mumbai

Ravi Chhabra is a very good journalist, music critic who has a command over the English Language and can put across his thoughts effectively.


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Bijaya Jena



Todo mi respeto para su excelencia señor Ravi. Hace años que estoy en contacto con su excelencia Ravi,a través de este tiempo he logrado ver su trabajo y lo que comparte a través de las redes y para mi es un gusto leerle tanto como escuchar su música ( que es mi música tambien),

así como también comparte gustos por la comida y bebidas, enhorabuena Ravi muchas gracias por tu amistad.

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Hermann Andrade

Music Freak

New Delhi

Ravi's adroitnesses at headlining and repartee makes him truly world class. I can just say that it's always great to have a friend like Ravi. He is always ready to help people. I have always been impressed with his sense of humour.

Most often than not, Ravi helps people without thinking of the consequences. Another important aspect of his personality is that he is never cheap and petty. I always like his company.

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M.L Hind

Former Sr. Journalist

Motown Publications Pvt Ltd

Versatility is best described when we talk of Ravi Chhabra. He is like the rolling stone that has gathered a lot of shine. So is he a journalist? A musician? A chef? A critic? Or is he simply a maverick? Or is he a perfect all rounder? With impeccable and vast knowledge of several subjects, Ravi is a treat to listen. His writings too exude great maturity and calibre.

My erotica-romantic poetry blog: http://ravivchhabra.blogspot.com/

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Punnoose Tharyan (Roy)

Founder, Motown India

New Delhi

Associated with The Pioneer and India Ahead News Ravi is one of the finest writers I have known. Have worked with him in the business bureau of The Pioneer and found him to be a thorough professional, responsive, personable and taking pride in his work.

Very witty and extremely good with words. On personal level, I have known Ravi for more than two decades and I consider myself fortunate to have him as a friend, someone I can depend on.

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Amit Goel

Senior Journalist

New Delhi

Former Editor (Defence), CNN-IBN; Defence & Strategic Affairs Correspondent, Hindustan Times; Editor (Defence & Strategic Affairs), NewsX I’ve known Chhabra as the witty scribe of the Hindustan Times in the 1990s and 2000s. He was a star, a livewire of the News Desk and later, the Business Bureau of what was then the largest-circulated and most influential newspaper in New Delhi. Passionate about news and newspapers, but more importantly, about the people behind news and newspapers. A people’s man, Ravi brought a smile to everyone’s face with his wit, humour and good nature. He was also a very popular journalists’ representative in the editorial for three consecutive years (elected unopposed).

He transitioned from the News Desk to Business Journalism quickly, finding his feet in no time and becoming a valuable asset for the Hindustan Times Business Bureau. Ravi is extremely knowledgeable about western music, and could have been India’s foremost music journalist but for the content limitations of Indian journalistic platforms of the 1990s. He introduced me to the sublime jazz of Miles Davis. Ravi is also passionate and extremely knowledgeable about food, an authority on Delhi’s eateries. He is a go-to person for all things epicurean! Good luck, Ravi, may your tribe increase!

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Vishal Thapar

Group Editorial Head

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